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Ford Lease – How it works

Businesses value the simplicity of a Ford Lease agreement. You can call on the help of Allen Ford to design a plan that is tailored to your business’s precise requirements and budget. Here is how a Ford Lease Plan works.

1. Choose your Ford models

Choose the most suitable model or models for your needs from Ford’s diverse range. The line-up includes the Transit van in a variety of heights and lengths, economical city cars such as the Ka, the elegant Mondeo hatchback or estate, and the seven-seater Galaxy MPV. Our advisers will help you to decide which models have everything you need and which will be the most cost-effective to run.

2. Decide the terms

You have the freedom to decide the terms. Choose how long you need your chosen models for and the mileage limit that reflects how far and how often your staff drive.

3. Add a service plan and more

Next, you can add a fixed-price service plan or other value-adding extra on top of your lease agreement. This helps you to budget for scheduled servicing, maintenance, repairs and more as the costs are tied in with your lease payment.

4. Your rental payment is calculated

Once you have agreed the terms of your lease and added any extras, Allen Ford can calculate how much you will pay upfront and each month for the length of the contract.

5. The contract ends, you hand back the keys

Once your contract ends, all that is left is to hand back the keys to your Ford vehicles. You may need to pay charges for going over the mileage limit or if any damage has been caused to the models. You can then walk away or enter a new agreement and pick brand new cars and vans.

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